Situated in Tibet at 4800 meter tallness where each stone is considered as an incarnation of Gods, where God exists as nature and take a trial of human esteem and boldness on each progression.

Where an individual takes after regard of their straight forward conduct and consistency and they call to go there over and over.

Ashtpad is believed to be the place where the first Tirthankar of Jains Rishabhnath achieved Nirvana. After he received the Nirvana, his son Chakravarti King Bharat made a temple for treating it as a memorial of his father’s Nirvana.

Ashtpad second to Mount Kailash is home and dwelling place of Shiva. The essential attributes of mysticism, the idea of Indian culture is called unrivaled than Tibetan culture and unending vitality of mysticism is continually streaming in our Teerth Kshetra. That is the reason, from an older period to exhibit imperative of Teerth Yatra is still remain and will stay in future moreover.

Ashtpad has a secular importance in pilgrims visiting Kailash Region it is a difficult journey but worthy one. With time number of pilgrims visiting the destination is rising.