Gauri Kund, a water body that is otherwise called the Lake of Compassion, lies in transit while Shiva Sthal going on downwards from Dolma – La (Dolma Pass).This lofty plunge from Dolma Pass is an awesome lake which is at a height of 5608m. According to Hindu mythology, there is a captivating story about Gauri Kund and has been depicted in legend “Shiva Purana”.

The lake is additionally celebrated as “Parvati Sarovar” as this was where Goddess Parvati had obtained her child Ganesha (Elephant headed God).Goddess Parvati had framed a picture of Ganesh from the cleanser foam on her body and revived it. She set Ganesha at the passageway of her home as her janitor to keep anybody from entering while she was bathing.

Presently Lord Shiva happened to return now of time and was ceased by Ganesha.Affronted by this discourteous demonstration from Ganesha, Lord Shiva removed the kid’s head.Goddess Parvati was despondency stricken by observing it and demanded that the kid should be breathed back alive.Lord Shiva took the leader of a meandering elephant and put it on the body and life was reestablished and Goddess Parvati had her child back.