OM Parvat is the enchanted and motivating Himalayan mountain crest that ascents to a height of Om Parvat 6191 m lying in the Dharchula area.

It is known by different names, for example- Adi Kailash, Chhota Kailash, Baba Kailash and Jonglingkong.

This mountain is renowned for the wonder of nature as it represents an impression of OM naturally which is framed with statement of snow against dark foundation of the mountain.

OM is a sacred Hindu mantra and is so plainly unmistakable on this mountain. Amid the time of August–September the spot (bindi) on the semi hover of the mantra is additionally observed.

As indicated by the Hindu legends there are eight such OM images in the Himalayan Mountains and at present, the world has possessed the capacity to find this special case which we know as OM Parvat.