Pashupatinath is a Hindu temple remains in the focal point of the town of Deo Patan, amidst an open patio on the banks of the Bagmati River, the town is 4 km far from Kathmandu in the north west.

It is dedicated to an exhibit of Shiva (Lord of Animals) called Pashupati. It is not known for certain when Pashupatinath was established. Tradition says it was worked by Pashuprekkesha of the Somadev Empire in the fourth century BC, yet the primary verifiable records date from the fourteenth century.

It is a square,two-layered pagoda sanctuary based on a solitary level plinth, and it stands 24.6 meters over the ground. Wonderfully adorned overlaid and silver-plated entryways are on all sides. The plain Pashupata group was likely related to its establishment.

Every year a large number of Hindu travelers visit Pashupatinath Temple with their desires.It has transformed into understood a long ways past the Kathmandu Valley.The sanctuary is prohibited to non-Hindus, yet a decent perspective of the sanctuary can be had from the inverse bank of the Bagmati River.