A hour kora (Parikrama) around Tirthapuri, from the hot springs at the northwest region of the circle, the track moves up to an incineration point where old garments and clothes have been ought to be left on the stones.

The way at that point turns east, passing a “sharp” earth opening and a “sweet” earth gap, where travelers burrow for little stones accepted to have mending properties.

Beside the Sutlej River on the north bank, the Tirthapuri Hot Springs Fill the barren region with steam. Commits typically visit Tirthapuri after the Kailash journey this is additionally viewed as that Kailash Yatra is inadequate without Tirthapuri rationality.

They go for a dunk in pools bolstered by the holy springs as they visit the buckle and cloister related with Guru Rinpoche. Petition banners extend over the waterway glut and chortens(stupas) add shading to the scene.