Portal of the God of Death, this is the place of entering the homestead Lord Shiva. Tibetans call “Tarboche” for Yam Dwar. They trust that Tarboche is the place from where they begin circumlocution of their divinity’s home. To visit Shiva’s home, one must go through the Yama Dwar. “Yama” is the master of death and “Dwar” implies door.

Tarboche is almost a 30 minutes drive from Darchen (the base of Mt. Kailash). Yama, who conveys mortal souls to his safe house and make a judgment for one’s legitimacy and sin, at that point discharge for the ahead astronomical trip. It is stated that the genuine enter from this door can be made in the wake of liberating the spirit from the mortal world.

Tibetan trusts that Kailash is the home of “Demchok” (Demchok is the name of their divinity). Consistently, they set up another supplication hail shaft in Tarboche. They customarily bring down the old one at that point supplant it with another embellished flagpole.

The service happens on the full moon day of the forward lunar month. Amid the function, individuals from everywhere throughout the Tibet accumulate here, they make the circumlocution of banner post clockwise. While making circumlocution they play the music of horns, conchs, drums and so forth. The function goes on for a couple of days.