Nandi Parvat

Nandi Parvat is located in the Kailash region,Tibet. This peak is opposite to the Mt.Kailash.

It has holy significance in hindu religion. Nandi is believed to be Shiva’s sacred vehicle and is still resitting near the Mt.Kailash serving Lord Shiva.

Nandi Parvat is seen during the parikrama of Holy Mt. Kailash. Because of its unique shape and structure it leaves all the pilgrims amazed. Nandi Parvat is named after ‘Nandi’ the Holy Bull and vehicle of Lord Shiva.

According to hindu mythology, Nandi the ‘Half Bull – Half Human‘ was the son of Kashyapa and Surabhi. He was not a bull by birth, it was predicted by Varuna and Mitra that he will die early by the age of 8 years. To save his life and not die early he worshiped and praised Lord Shiva.After getting satisfied and impressed with his dedication and prayers Lord Shiva gave him a piece of necklace with a bell on it which changed Nandi into a bull and turned him immortal.Lord Shiva also accepted him as his Vahana (vehicle). It is believed that Nandi is the head of Ganas and an example of faith,justice and wisdom. He is also the protector of Dharma.